Veronique Darwin

Tree Houses

In Inspiration on April 26, 2012 at 2:04 pm

I get so excited about work spaces. Studies, offices, desks, A Room of One’s Own.

Maybe I equate a productive-looking room to productivity, inspiring to inspiration. But there is something to say for entering a specific mind frame to create, and what better mind frame than a physical frame in which to contain your mind?

I just read this article about a man who built a secret tree house in Whistler. It’s an absolutely beautiful structure, dreamy in its design. It would be the perfect work space even if it were on the ground. But it’s in the trees, in the middle of nowhere.

What I find most inspiring about this tree house, and about this article, are the reactions it’s getting. People are so excited to learn that it’s possible to live in a tree. Someone did this. We could go for a walk in the woods and find proof that someone did this. We could even go into it, live in a tree for a moment, or a day.

Tree houses are things of our childhood that reside still in our imaginations. Meghan Currie, a favourite yoga teacher, speaks of her dream of living in a self-sustaining tree house community. The whole class sighs when she says this, imagining.

It all seems to fit, somehow, with our idea of finding a work place where we can be free of the ground that’s holding us down. Where we can work at whatever inner pursuit it is that needs a strong frame to be harnessed, not just a mind frame but a physical one.

It seems we don’t just need rooms of our own, anymore, in this overpopulated world. We need tree houses.


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