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Creativity Trumps

In Thoughts on Writing on May 12, 2012 at 5:45 pm

Donald Trump thinks everyone that appears on his show Celebrity Apprentice is “terrific, great, fabulous.” Trump also thinks everyone is creative. The proof that Trump is sometimes just flattering people is Dayana Mendoza, former Miss Universe. Every episode people shouted across the boardroom table to Mr. Trump just to tell him that Dayana is not creative. Mr. Trump couldn’t believe it.

(Photo Credit Wall Street Journal)

It became that creativity was the top issue on the show. This got me thinking.

Creativity on Celebrity Apprentice seems to be measured by output of winning ideas, so not Dayana’s ideas. Lisa Lampanelli, Penn Jillette and Aubrey O’Day were consistently seen as some of the most valuable team members because of their ability to brainstorm ideas.

Lisa Lampanelli is a comedienne, as well as a former journalist and assistant at Rolling Stone. Penn Jillette is a magician. Okay, Aubrey O’Day was on Making the Band and in Playboy. But when comparing these celebrities with their counterparts, it seems that their creative day jobs were part of their success on Celebrity Apprentice. Other contestants’ jobs include actors, supermodels, singers and reality show stars (okay, like Aubrey O’Day).

Lisa’s and Penn’s creative abilities went beyond brainstorming: the ability to write helped them throughout the show. Writing was seen as a necessity to the group tasks, whether it was writing a script or doing a better job than Dee Snider at writing words on the background of an advertisement: “itching,” “scratching,” “insulting” were included in an assortment of actions one can do while “Walking with Walgreens.”

That being said, the final three contestants leading in to the Sunday night finale are Arsenio Hall, Clay Aiken and Aubrey O’Day, one late-night TV personality and two reality show contestants. Clay Aiken co-wrote a memoir, so maybe there’s that.

I like that creativity is such an important attribute that it controls how well people do on shows like Celebrity Apprentice. It seems that if any benchmark is needed to judge people on a show like this, creativity is a good way to go. What else is there to judge on? Looks? Personality?

  1. Spoiler alert! Go Clay!

  2. Thanks for your comment, Tan!!!! Especially from so far away. I saw that I had received views from Italy, and here I thought I was reaching a worldwide audience!! Go, Clay, go! 🙂

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