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Slow Walks

In Inspiration on May 17, 2012 at 5:46 pm

Natalie Goldberg first told me about slow walks in her book on writing called Thunder and Lightning. Slow walking is just that: walking slower than you think you should. She does it to train herself to pay attention, and she does it to distract herself and fuel herself for writing. I use this:

Today I decided to go for a slow walk. The only other times I can think of when I walked slowly are when I was a bridesmaid two years ago and when I grew up shadow shopping with my mom. Every time I stopped and started walking again today I had to remind myself: no. Walk slow.

I stopped frequently because I took a camera along with me. I walked through the park next to the house where I’m staying. It was late afternoon, a beautiful day.

On my way out:

(Thanks in advance for letting me post this, Margie!)

Cats make me walk slowly, sometimes because they run quickly in front of me when they’re hungry. Other times because I just want to watch them. Cats are fascinating. They move slowly then pounce. I want to do that.

I entered the park and I saw this lady dancing in the sky:

I stood for a while on this bridge, imagining salmon.

I made myself sit on this bench.

And a crow joined me.

When I stood up I tripped. I had balanced too long on one foot. I was walking too slow.

I ran home through this clearing to write.

  1. haha! I think I’d struggle with walking slowly…
    I like the dancing lady in the tree.

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