Ways of Finding Your Voice

-Take out all the adjectives. What’s left of you?

-Shout personal secrets from the window. On what words does your voice crack?

-Don’t listen to echoes. Read your words and read on. Other eyes will read in double time. Your voice is your voice on speed.

(Photo from thevoicepub.com)

-Repeat the same phrase ten different ways. Is your voice the one with or without commas, with or without a semi-colon, with or without the grammar mistake?

-Try doing Twitter.

-Recognize your speaking voice isn’t your writing voice.

-Take a break. Sigh. Who comes back to the writing table? It’s certainly not you five minutes ago.

-Find your voice in poetry. Find your voice in high school essays. Find your voice in heated chat room debates.

-Do it all for the sake of changing your voice for nobody. Do it all for writing something that matters.

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