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In Literature on June 2, 2012 at 5:17 pm

Jennifer Egan’s short story in The New Yorker, Black Box.” Do you ever get so excited you rip pages out of magazines? And a link to the Twitter feed on which it was serialized (though I do recommend not reading it upside down).

(photo credit “Black Box” in The New Yorker)

I once stole a New Yorker from the gym because of Jack Handey’s “Ideas for Paintings

I read this poem by Etheridge Knight out of an SAT Literature Subject Test:

And I and your eyes
Draw round about a ring of gold
And sing their circle of sparks
And I and your eyes
Hold untold tales and conspire
With moon and sun to shake my soul.
And I and your eyes
If I could hold your hillside smile
Your seashore laughter your lips

Then I
Could stand alone the pain
Of flesh alone the time and space
And steel alone but I am shaken
It has taken your eyes
To move this stone.

Lauren Elkin is writing this: “a book about women and cities called Flâneuse, which challenges the widely-held idea that the flâneuse has never existed because women have not had the same access to the city as men. Part critical meander, part memoir, Flâneuse charts a path through literature and art revealing women’s sometimes liberating, sometimes fraught relationship to the metropolis.”

These pictures:

(photo credit adsoftheworld)


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