Figurative Boat Ride

The gas station fell into the ocean like oil in water.

The boat pedalled along like a bike but in the ocean.

We told her she had to get rid of the spare tire around her waist.

The Millennium Falcon (an allusion).

Haunted house hiding here.

The big rusty key to my heart was buried deep in the moss.

And the lake was contrasted with the mountain.

And the clouds foreshadowed ominous weather sometime soon.

The cat said welcome home.

And the birds were also going home.

Please Notice: I am accepting alternate captions, worse or better.

2 thoughts on “Figurative Boat Ride

  1. Not sure that cat looks welcoming. That cat looks like he’s contemplating escape. “Oh, it’s you. You didn’t bring food did you? I didn’t think so. Goodbye.”

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