Veronique Darwin


In My Writing on June 11, 2012 at 10:00 pm

Imagine you have a dog together

Imagine your car is in the shop

Imagine you came home and made him lunch

Imagine he couldn’t wait to tell you

Imagine you didn’t buy the right kind of eggs

Imagine he’s working on his computer

Imagine you bought a new desk for the study

Imagine he met a friend at the grocery store

Imagine you went to different movies

Imagine you visited the doctor’s often

Imagine the mail came when he was out

Imagine the door to the bedroom was left open

Imagine you didn’t take a pill

Imagine you heard him scream from far away

Imagine the toast popped louder than usual

Imagine you never changed that lightbulb

Imagine the laundry is almost ready

Imagine someone is at the door.


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