Veronique Darwin

When Will A New Thing Come To Pass?

In Thoughts on Writing on June 16, 2012 at 5:42 pm

I appreciate old adages that say we must overcome the hardest things to find the best ones. I like it when yoga teachers and creative writers say you must move into the places that feel the toughest, that hurt the most. I am writing about transitions, from the static to the shifting, and exploring how hard it is to push ourselves to find somewhere new.

Graduating is so tough. I don’t know if this has recently come to my attention because of my age and current situation, or because of what seems to have become an education crisis. We’re all graduating, but few of us have concrete places to go.

Dr. Seuss, in The Places You Will Go, (as someone who has went), tells us, “you’ll get mixed up, of course, as you already know. You’ll get mixed up with many strange birds as you go.” That we know we’ll get mixed up with new people and new experiences doesn’t make taking a leap into new territory any easier. It’s the in between here and there, the spots between knowing these birds and eventually knowing those, that are the sticky spots we want to avoid.

I am writing about a main character who needs to change to survive, but doesn’t want to, doesn’t think she can. It’s her change that we’re experiencing. My book is the tough spot.

But what are other graduates to do, those that don’t have books to be? Is the thing to rush fast into the next phase? Or is it about being in the tough spot, about seeing if this change can be okay? A life, even.

I know someone who says something else: “be comfortable in your discomfort.” Instead of expecting people to always be going somewhere, can we be happy with just transitioning? I would love to be nowhere for a little while. I would love to embrace that new things will come to pass, without waiting to see what they are.

Because yoga teachers and creative writers also say transitions are the most important. That if you fully experience the transitions, that’s more than the poses and the words. That’s life.


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