Taking My Pants Off

I am just about ready to show my novel.

That’s all I want to do is to show it. Have people gasp and sigh over the width of the thing. Have them count the page numbers, rave over the perfect amount of dialogue lines I put in, my title.

I am mostly worried about spelling mistakes. I am sure that if someone finds one they will throw the book down in disgust and instantly discredit me.

I want to explain things, like when I watch a movie with someone and I’ve seen it and I know things.

Then again, I want to explain nothing and then give a quiz.

A small, squandered part of me thinks that maybe people will give me money, like I entered a contest and didn’t know it.

Another part thinks people will read a few pages then just leave it on their nightstand, or be reading something else right now and they’ve borrowed a lot of books from people already for the summer.

I’m scared that people will think it’s too much pressure and work to read my book.

Then I think, okay, it’s a book. I made this for you.

3 thoughts on “Taking My Pants Off

  1. Thank you both! JoGlo, I am excited for you to read it too. I will bring a copy to your house when you are least expecting it… i.e. months from now, when I actually finish it!

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