Learning Standard

As only a recent adult, I’m beginning to learn that once past growing-up, it’s hard to find things I don’t know how to do. If I don’t know how to build something or count something, I ask someone else to do it. That’s fair; we’re not all experts. We’ve even created the term ‘DIY’ for those people who do things themselves.

It’s not that I know how to do everything – in fact I know how to do so few things – it’s that as an adult I run from things I don’t know. As an adult, it’s okay to say “I never learned that,” like learning happens as a child and never after. How many people learn a new language once they’re an adult? How many change careers? How many learn how to drive? Maybe if they have to, people learn new things, but if it’s possible to stick with what we know, we sure do.

Yesterday I bought a car.

The salesman asked me if I was an automatic driver. I was embarrassed to say yes. Yes, of course I chose the easier way to learn how to drive. And of course I never learned the other way, because I didn’t have to.

Sometimes all we need is a large monetary difference between an automatic and a manual car to make us learn new things.

I was humbled to learn how to drive standard (and by all means, I haven’t yet learned it). It was maybe not since Math or Physics class that I’ve felt something was so impossible to do. I bought a car but I couldn’t drive it and I wouldn’t ever be able to. There are cars around me and I’m going to die. I stalled in the middle of an intersection four times.

But learning standard inspired me to go past what I know. Maybe I make goals to approach the things I don’t know most and learn them. Maybe I make myself take a step further into the unknown. Maybe I don’t write about what I know.

All us adults need to stop being so complacent. Try driving standard. It’s so scary.

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