Sunshine Productivity

Everyone in Vancouver is talking about the sun. It just became summer yesterday.

Today I:

-Bought fresh fruit and vegetables and made a salad. The sun is out.

-Jumped off a diving board. I thought, what other day am I going to do this?

-Ran into someone I haven’t seen for a while (talking to someone else I haven’t seen for a while) because we were all outside of Whole Foods and that’s where you go when it’s sunny.

-Went on an extra dog walk. You’re welcome.

Today you:

-Took a picture of something that looks bad in the rain.

-Left work early. Extended your lunch break. Thought to yourself for a moment, what is life really for?

-Tried a new drink on a patio because you decided to be adventurous.

-Did an outdoor activity you heard was good. Sucked at it. Went to bed sore.

(photo from flickr jhencolours2)

Today I:

-Got a sunburn. Tomorrow and for days to come I will look healthier than normal (it isn’t true).

-Drank more water than I usually do. Also drank a beer by myself in the sun, smiling.

-Made a to-do list regarding my book and did it poolside. Maybe it took me longer than it should have, but I didn’t notice time.

Today you:

-Spent the night outside on an impromptu picnic, and though you complained under your breath about how many people were also there, you felt apart of a community.

-Made a decision to do something you’ve been meaning to do for a while. And you told yourself I won’t wait for a sunny day. I will plan it on a sunny day, and follow through.

What did you do in the sun?

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