New Places to Read

My favourite parts about vacations and stays away from home are the new places I find to read. This summer has already blessed me with a hammock that seemed to have been forgotten about over the past few years, and in which I’ve read for many an hour (half-hour mostly).

Now I am somewhere new for a month – a beautiful, cozy but spacious home with wide open doors and wood-paneled walls. It and I sit at the top of a hill of arbutus trees and gardens with a view through the branches of the ocean and Vancouver and the islands off in the distance. I’m so happy here.

I’m so happy that I’m unable to stay in one spot for long, moving instead to discover new spaces – new reading spaces. via G on Pinterest

I love that sunlight comes into different places in the room at different parts of the day.

I love that couches are good to sit up and lie down on.

I love that some chairs spin and some chairs rock.

I love that outside is sometimes good and sometimes bad; that inside is sometimes boring, sometimes cozy.

I love that reading can be done anywhere but is especially great some places.

I love that reading implies staying in one place for a long period of time.

I love that reading can be done while walking, but barely ever is.

Today I put on Jazz music for the first time.

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