Nighttime Post To Feel Free

Nighttime writing is like swimming in the dark. It’s like smiling to myself, like waking in a lucid dream.

There are no mistakes in nighttime writing. No guidelines, no guide lights. There is no form to my thoughts because there is no restrictions around them.

I dream so well at night. It only figures I would write so well too.

I know of only one writer whose writing hours are overnight. He wrote a very imaginative book while he should have been dreaming.

Why live during the day, if I feel more creative at night? Would this feeling continue into the deep morning were I to write on it, or is it only a feeling of desperation, a final mining of everything that myself today has to offer?

I care for sleep, but only insomuch as it gives me life to live tomorrow. I like the feeling of rest, and the feeling of dreams, but if I can get those as I’m writing, who needs the thing.

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