2 Minute Post to Feel Free (and Rushed)

I stand behind my desk to write this post. I shake my legs a little bit. I listen to a French song because I’m trying to overwhelm my brain with French so I can master the language or master the confidence to one day master the language.

I just made a to-do list in Prismacolours so that I could get something of the many things of homework I have to do this weekend done. There are so many textbook pages that I started thinking how many textbooks have I read in my life and is that even okay? Is it okay my lifetime reading list has included that many textbooks? They are so poorly written!

My time is almost up and my back hurts and my legs are still shaking (on purpose – like I’m dancing – not like I’m nervous). Back to work!

I post three pictures so this isn’t such a poorly-written, textbook-like entry.


3 thoughts on “2 Minute Post to Feel Free (and Rushed)

  1. That may be the cutest picture of a pig I’ve ever seen :D. And good luck mastering French! I took Italian in college and it almost destroyed me lol. Oddly enough I discovered that watching movies on youtube that I was familiar with (like simple Disney cartoons) in the language helped a lot. Perhaps give it a try?

      1. I hope it helps! Actually most people say Italian is much easier than French because Italian spelling and pronunciation is mostly done phonetically whereas the French throw in a lot of random letters and sounds for no reason at all lol.

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