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(No) Creativity

In Inspiration, Thoughts on Writing on November 7, 2012 at 10:18 pm

I come to these blog posts with zero inspiration but a nagging need to write one. What did I do before I had a blog? There was a moment in my life where I kept a journal. It always started with the first thing I did that day (invariably, waking up). Then there was a moment in my life where I wrote a novel. I guess there was a moment in my life where I told people about how I was feeling, but now I just write a blog post.

I often hear from people who sit down with an intention of what they wish write but simply can’t get it on paper. I nod, I sympathise, but I can’t imagine what that would be like. If I have something to say, I write it. If I don’t have something to say, I still write it. Imagine if I actually had something important to say and I couldn’t get it down. That, to me, is an unthinkable nightmare.

I often have something to say but can’t speak it. That is a common situation I find myself in. I blame it on my writing talent, like I’m such a genius in one that I must have a handicap in the other. I also blame it on French Immersion.

In French Immersion, emphasis was placed on expressing yourself to the best of your ability. You were speaking a language you didn’t know, after all. You were making the best of a bad situation. And you were like, five years old. Some five year olds were saying nonsense and you were saying nonsense in a different language. Teachers and parents must have been proud. They didn’t care that my saying nonsense in a new language didn’t mean I was de facto making sense in my own.

I have lately gotten better at expressing myself. I think it started happening something like a year ago. I got out of school and began real life, where communication is necessary and you don’t raise your hand to speak. I worked at a job where I helped students preparing for university. Like in any job, there were moments where I had to make things up on the spot. There were moments where I had to deliver tough information. There were moments where I had to waste time with my speech and moments where I had to speed it up. I worked at connecting with people through my words; I worked at sharing my brain.

I’ve only recently started to realize that creativity isn’t just a writing thing. Creativity is key for every time I open my mouth. Like my ill-formed blog posts, I’m someone who opens my mouth without knowing what I’m going to say. How much time, I ask you other people who say you think before you speak, do you allott to thinking? Couldn’t I be speaking in that time?

I am reading “Be Here Now” by Ram Dass, which isn’t really letting me be here now but instead encouraging me to keep reading a book, which is often my reason for not being here now. (Actually, it’s really helping me). Ram Dass says the following:

“Stop talking, stop thinking and there is nothing you will not understand.”

So I propose that to myself and to all others who feel they are not creative in their art (writing, speaking, maybe you don’t have ideas for dancing). I propose that you stop planning and you be in the moment, though it was obviously Ram Dass who said that, not me. I am the opposite of the person who lives in the moment. I live in five minutes ago and I live in days ahead but I spend little time right here now. I think that’s what helps with my blog post, or at least the generation of my blog posts. I wonder how my last blog post went over and I wonder about something unrelated that’s going to happen two days from now and somewhere in there I just start writing a title to a blog post and then it gets written. It gets written because writing is my thing.

Writing is my opportunity to live in the moment. Speaking takes work. What I think I’ve realized is that I’ve found my thing, and now I have to try to make my other things work. I have to do it by thinking about how I do my thing. The answer is creativity.

  1. I currently feel as if i should be posting on my blog, but feel I have nothing to post about.

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