Guessing Wrong on Jeopardy

I’m always shouting out answers to the television like I need the money, like I’ll get the money. I do it when I’m not paying attention, if I hear a word that makes me think of another word. I think it’s good practice – if I can play Jeopardy while typing this blog post, then when I really try to play Jeopardy, or really try to write a blog post, I’ll be a wiz.

I don’t know what inhibition gene is missing in my head but I find it hard not to guess at Jeopardy answers. It’s the same way when I know some misinformation about a topic of conversation being discussed, the same as when I read the headline of an article then try to tell the story. I think that knowing a little bit of everything makes me smart. It really doesn’t. Guessing things that sound like fourteen-letter words starting with O doesn’t make me smart. I don’t even feel smart when I guess “what is invisibility” to a Jeopardy answer about the power of Harry Potter’s cloak. It’s simply that the thing I said out loud at that moment was the correct answer.


(from Bibliophilopolis blog)

I do the same thing when I write: I let my inhibitions go. I’ve subscribed entirely to Hemingway’s shit draft theory, so much that I’ve forgotten there’s a point where he must have gotten past that. I’ve actually forgotten how to write essays, though I did it for four years. I wrote three essays for school lately before realizing that I used to make outlines for these, that this process actually helps my writing. Before I realized that the solution to everything isn’t shouting out wrong answers without reserve. There is something in waiting for the right moment.

The current state of my novel is a fifth-generation verbal diarrhea. I am filling in gaps (gaps I identify in alarming CAPS LOCKS: WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? SLOW DOWN!!) with paragraphs of anything that comes to mind. I hope a later-me, a modified, mature me, looks back at these new paragraphs, and the ones that remain from before, and is able to pick through them with some semblance of shrewdness. I hope I stop losing all my money on Jeopardy in the mean time.

4 thoughts on “Guessing Wrong on Jeopardy

  1. I like that your last two posts refer to Jeopardy. Jeopardy is my transition time… “Oh, I’ll start my homework after Jeopardy.” I better go start my homework now that Jeopardy is over.

    1. That makes me feel both better and worse… I know we are both Jeopardy nerds, but I plan my homework time AROUND Jeopardy!! 🙂 Then again, I’m not as good as you at Jeopardy, so I can’t be THAT much of a nerd.

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