Excerpts from a Travelling Notebook

I keep one notebook by my bed (night thoughts; quotes from literature) and I keep one notebook in my purse. Both get soaked with water and crusted with coffee, but the one that travels with me rarely gets read. I read my bedside journal because I find it soothing to look back through old dreams and the words of literary sages. I can’t bear to read my travelling notebook. It holds urgent notes – scribbles encased in black boxes, surrounded by stars – that I should be looking at, but that when read together overwhelm me too much.


Here I bring to you a few thoughts from my travelling notebook, with the intention of making myself read some of the important things I have written between January – March 2013.

drink water and exercise and hug throughout the day

one student draws robots on all his work

faire moins et faire le moins plus bien

“It takes 3 weeks for students to stop talking about marks once you stop using them” (from an education workshop by Jonathan Vervaet).

“Has anyone here ever been to school?” (from a 2006 TED Talk whose name or speaker I didn’t write down)

other people’s problems look like challenges. Look at what I consider my problems the same way.


Did Mea steal all these artifacts from her parents before their road trip? (pictures, family trees, letters)THIS IS CLOSEdid Jillian steal them AFTER?

9 articles

one physical activity but not 2 (not act like cats – just suggestions of what cats are like)

the ability to see another side of an argument is too kind for a character (Gil)

we learn a lot when things don’t work

kale, beets, quinoa, tomatoes, avocado, cereal, choc. ice cream, granny smith apples, +

severity without raising voice

ecstasy: to stand to the side of something 

I will soon be able to stand to the side of the ecstasy that is my travelling notebook, but for now I am still in January 2013- March 2013, so feel simply overwhelmed by these notes. 9 articles!!!! How can I achieve severity without raising my voice?? The beauty of notebooks is that there will come a time when these notes apply themselves osmotically to my day-to-day life. There will be a time where I look back and it seemed obvious that it was good when things went bad and that of course you should not get the kids to act like cats, just to give suggestions of what cats are like. But for now, I will set my travelling notebook to rest in a drawer and fill a new one with messages to the ether.

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