Veronique Darwin

Just writing so much

In Inspiration, My Writing on July 10, 2013 at 10:05 pm

If you ever get lost as to what to do with your life, pick something you love and make yourself do it for an hour a day.

Then you start doing it for an hour and a half or two, because you get lost in it.

And then a few weeks later you’re doing that thing three hours a a day and it becomes what you’re doing the most, besides sleeping.

And since sleeping isn’t your passion or your calling, you start to value the thing that’s taking up all your time.

And then you start going out and meeting people and instead of telling them that you sleep all the time, you tell them that you do this thing that is your passion.And they say “that’s what you do?” And even though you know that you sleep for longer each day than you do the thing you chose to do, that is the one that you get taken away with; it’s the thing that drives your days. So you tell them: “Yes! That’s what I do!” And you hear yourself say it and you start to believe it.

So when you’re at the bookstore or you’re meeting new people at a party or a new workplace, you find yourself attracted to things and people that are like you. So you become more invested in this passion that takes up your days.

And the more you talk and learn about it, the more you become adept at it. The more you become an expert. And there even comes a time where you’re doing it so much (maybe you’re sleeping less!) and you almost go overboard and you realize that you need to let some of it out.

So you begin to branch out of that thing and maybe you teach it or maybe you use it for a different purpose. And all of a sudden you’re not just doing one hour or three of that thing a day, you’re doing it for six or eight hours, which is possible because the thing itself is happening in so many different forms.

And you forget that the thing is a thing at all, but instead you start calling it your life.

And good, amazing things come from it. You get recognized for your dedication to it. You get told you’re talented and lucky and born to be at this thing, when really it’s either that or you’ve just been doing it so much, how could you not be good?

And every night when you go to sleep you’re ready to sleep because you’re so spent, so content, having done the thing you love all day long.

And you meet someone who gets the thing and who loves the thing (and loves you doing the thing) and that person becomes complementary to it. And soon you associate the two because they are the things you love the most. And you become a part of them like them a part of you.

And then you’re seventy or you’re eighty or you’re ninety and you’re getting a bit more relaxed and ready to look back at your life. And something strikes you all of a sudden.

You remember the blog post you wrote where you were contemplating giving yourself in to this thing. And you think it is so silly that there was ever a time where you thought you weren’t already in it.

Because you were little and you wanted to be a writer. And you were little and you were writing and you were always in it, always doing it. And there was really no transition point, just more of a realization, where you let yourself become the writer instead of trying to become it.

And you lived a happy life because you let yourself be guided by what you knew was your calling. And that was that.


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