A New Philosophy on Owning Books

Become more liberal about buying and exchanging books.

Always buy used ones and give away those I have read and can part with to used book stores.

Search for good copies of my favourite books. Buy hard cover, smelly copies.

Lend out books on a whim. Don’t ask for them back.

Let books flow, always living and being read by new people.

This would allow for ever-changing book shelves and not hoarding.

It would give me more excuses to go into used bookstores and support them.

I would be better connected to books, more excited by them.

And think about how often I could alphabetize.

153 (photo from gelaskins.com)

2 thoughts on “A New Philosophy on Owning Books”

  1. I would love to do this but I just can’t bear to part with them, except those I have leant and forgotten about it. I will start buying more second hand books though; you can never have enough books.

    1. I always think that you can’t have enough books, but then I moved into a small apartment and felt ridiculous bringing in so many moving boxes. But oh man a little apartment filled with books is worth it.

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