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In My Writing on August 7, 2013 at 10:01 pm

I’m not sure what I’ve repeated, but at least I’ve said it.

Halfway between Chapter 1 and Chapter 3.

Littered with CAPS LOCK and sentences that start with “She.”

I just found Jillian and lost Gil and am now trying to keep them together.

Today I hit on the latest explanation for why she’s sticking with Gil: she thinks he knows her secret (and she doesn’t know it). Now how do I put that in?

I ran to a notebook tonight because I realized Gil is actually very successful. He just works at whiskey (not whisky) tastings as a hobby!

Making Gina too extreme. She swears a lot – can I swear in my book?

Reading through Gaelic folklore. I know that it fits my story and is integral to it, but I am still unsure how to bring it in.



Dreaming of Nye; dreaming of Gil.

I am able to prepare for the 3 Day Novel contest by writing Jillian’s opposite: Cleo is happy, Cleo doesn’t want to escape.

Ready to write for two hours a day starting Monday.

Handing in Chapter 2  to writing group for review September 7! I better spell check.


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