Remedies for Harder Days

Just print the document to let yourself feel as though you’ve finished it. Don’t look at it! Don’t look at it!!!

Start a blog post; leave the room; start a new blog post.

Stare at a cat.

Achieve small victories: wash your sheets, kill a fruit fly.

Go to a coffee shop and pretend to write it.

Say you’re tired; say it’s the full moon.

Talk to the cat.

Yell out, “I’m bored!!!”

Do the other important thing you’re supposed to be doing with your life.

Stare at your phone; stare at the city; stare at the fridge.

Know too much about too many people via Facebook.

Write a different chapter.

Change the font.

Open old notebooks for advice.

Lie down so your face is next to the cat and ask him questions.

Achieve small victories: make your bed; find the source of the fruit flies.

Download the new John Mayer album! Dance and weep!


Reason that you’re tired, that it’s the full moon.

Do a blog post about all the awful things you did today.

Go back to writing.

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