The journal of a novel of a writer who hopes to find out everything and share it with you.

7 thoughts on “About

    1. So amazing, Elizabeth. Thanks for being such a good friend in the blog community! I will do a post that nominates others for these awards and answers the questions. And you’re welcome for the interview – it was so much fun!!

  1. I just discovered you are following my blog – “A Way with Words”. I am grateful you were drawn into my corner of the blogosphere. I pray you are blessed as you receive my posts.

    I will be following your blog as well. Perhaps we can encourage each other along our writing journey.

    1. Hi Christine,
      Thank you so much for the nomination. I really appreciate what you wrote on your post. I always want to do these award things but I somehow never do them. I will try my best this time. 11 is a big number!
      I look forward to reading your blog,

      1. You’re very welcome πŸ™‚ That’s okay, many people don’t nominate a full 11 people and no one will chase you down if you want to alter the rules. Don’t feel any pressure about it; getting awards should be an enjoyable experience! All the best!

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